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Important Art Exhibition Carlo Carrà (1881-1966) in Alba, Italy

CARLO CARRA' 1881 – 1966 - Fondazione Ferrero from 27the of October 2012 to 27th of January 2013

There is still some time to catch this fabulous Art Exhibition in Alba of Carlo Carrà.  

It is almost 20 years since such a major mono-graphic testimony has been dedicated to this very important artist.  A true icon and protagonist of the grand movements of the '900's .  

Born in Piemonte, Carrà was one of the few Italian artists who crossed and creatively interpreted independently the more significant movements of the Italian figurative culture of the '900's. 

There have been selected 76 prestigious public and private masterpieces gathered nationally and internationally, representing each phase in the Artist's life.  Spanning the various stages - early divisionism, the small period of "Antigrazioso" or "Anti-graceful", futurism, metaphysics, mythic realism, the 1920's landscapes, the 1930's monumental figure compositions and finally a selection still life's. 

It is a very large well installed exhibition and a must see.

Alba is located between Genoa and Torino.  

Admission is free

Hours: Tuesday - Friday: 15h00 - 19h00 Saturday, Sunday and public holidays: 10h00 - 19h00 

Closed Mondays 

For information: Fondazione Ferrero, Strada di mezzo 44, Alba – +39 0173 29 52 59 -


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  1. This exhibition is now closed and was a great success. They has 72,000 visitors. I hope they do another one soon.

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