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Italy's largest Antiques Fair in the fine city of Arezzo

Only about 35 minutes beautiful drive away from La Selva Agriturismo Vacation Villas   Arezzo is the home of the famous Academy Award Winning movie “Life is Beautiful” by Roberto Benigni.  

One of the special events in Arezzo is the outdoor “Arezzo Antiques Fair” and Flea Market. It is held in the ancient heart of the Medieval city center with over 500 stands and is the largest in Italy. Taking place on the first weekend, Saturday and Sunday, of each month.  The fair has a long history - the first one dating back to 1968. Each edition sees around 20,000 visitors with their biggest one of the year held in September. There is something for everyone whether you are collectors, tourists, renovators, art dealers, antique dealers or just  the curious. There are many different items offered and of different periods. It is a lot of fun to stroll along the ancient cobblestone streets looking at all the different stands taking in some Italian history and snooping through:
Antique lace,
old record albums,
furniture restored and non in all age, types and manner,
heirloom and costume jewelry,
fans, magnifying glasses, pill boxes, pens, watches, lighters, eyeglasses, binoculars,
war paraphernalia
coins and stamps and collectibles,
Liberty glass,
ceramics and china,
old books and posters,
antique lights and fixtures,
objects of Art Decò,
silverware and silver items,
hammered iron items and brass objects,
old doors and door handles,
tiles and textiles,

and just about anything you can think of! There is also a large (but molto minor) selection of modern day offerings.  Exploring the fair can tell you a lot about the Italians since it isn't about tourists but rather all about Italians, their history or way of living past and present.  When you get tired or hungry you can easily get a snack or have lunch in one of Arezzo's fine restaurants.  Then you can enjoy a delightful Italian soft icecream, espresso or capuccino to set you on your way to more treasure hunting.

Whoever has gone to the Arezzo Antique Fair, Italian or visitor, has come home with a keepsake or two. It's a special way to explore Italy and make your stay in Tuscany more unforgettable than ever. An appointment not to be missed!
Sherry Mason
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The next Fair will be on January 4-5th, 2012.  For a similar Italian version click here:  Fiera Antiquaria di Arezzo

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